KEY-TEK's pre-owner in Poland is BMF Centrum Specjalistycznyycznego Sprzętu Mobilnego

Key Technology (China) Limited is a leading manufacturer of robust industrial, military and medical keyboards / keyboards, all kinds of input devices and EPP ATMs. Key-Tek® products are supported by very professional knowledge in the fields of engineering, research, development and production. Key-tek® provides practical solutions for specific application requirements, regardless of markets.
Key-Tek® manufactures a wide range of standard and non-standard industrial keyboards / keyboards / pointing solutions / ATM EPP. Our range of professional products also includes various integral pointing devices, such as touch panels, trackball, mouse buttons and joysticks. Our offer includes a long journey, a short journey, a metal dome, silicone rubber, vandal resistant stainless steel, flexible membrane keyboards.
Custom keyboards / keyboards / pointing devices, etc., With their specific requirements, require the most rigorous design and manufacturing standards. Key-tek® offers a fast and cost-effective service if the standard ranges do not meet your requirements. Key-tek® has the knowledge and experience to meet these standards and guarantee technical excellence at every step. We guarantee that the keyboards / keyboards / pointing devices that we design and produce for you are manufactured exactly according to your specifications.
Thanks to the use of the highest quality ROHS components, Key-tek® can provide excellent reliability and durability of its input devices. Key-tek® is ISO 9001 certified, and each keyboard is tested qualitatively more than 4 times during the production process.

Building a company name without cheap points and short deadlines requires respect for our employees, our clients and our partners. By maintaining an honest dialogue, both inside and outside, we make our organization work together. This foundation is essential for creating lasting partnerships, lasting commitment and lasting mutual profit.

Key-tek has professional experience and empirical knowledge allowing to design, develop, produce, sell and sell the most complete line of vandal resistant IP65 stainless steel keyboards, keyboards, pointing devices, ATM PINPADES; Medical keyboards and military keyboards, etc.

We are a point of comprehensive service for your requirements for product services in the field of industrial input devices in the field of a huge international market. Satisfied key-tek customers include Finance, Aerospace, Chemikalia / Petro, Food and Beverages, Healthcare, Telecommunications / Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Pulp and Paper - Government / Defense, Universities and Academia, Museums / Public Displays and Miscellaneous Industries.

Active, positive and acting as a team is a special attribute of people in Key-tek. The company's goal is to create value, that is, create value for the client, create employee value and create value for shareholders. The business principle is based on integrity, integrity, diligence and economy, which is our guideline for future behavior. In this way, Key-tek is heading towards a global technology company with an optimistic and long-term future.

Key-tek, founded in accordance with the principles of the highest quality, services and innovation, is a global leader in the field of robust user interface devices. We equip large and small customers with tight, durable products that are durable and easy to clean. In addition to a wide range of peripherals, Key-tek can customize products to meet the specific needs of customers.

Perfect for use in the toughest conditions, our products meet the specifications NEMA 4, 4X and IP 65 and IP68, making them vandal resistant, resistant to dust, dirt, water and corrosive liquids.

Key-tek serves distributors and end users in several different industries and constantly develops the latest professional products. In addition, Key-tek can provide ideal solutions for original equipment manufacturers and tailor your product to the specific needs of your customers. Indestructible industrial keyboards and pointing devices are durable and resistant in environments where typical office peripherals can not survive.
The advantages are:

  • Super quality, economical price, fast delivery, convenient professional customer service, reliable technical support and after service etc.
  • Industrial durability from NEMA 12 to NEMA 4X, which allows use in very dirty, dusty and greasy environments.
  • All keyboards / keyboards in stainless steel / ATM PINPADS / pointing devices are vandal-proof and IP65 from the front panel.
  • Indestructible industrial keyboards and pointing devices are durable and can withstand harsh environments where typical office peripherals can not survive.
  • All input devices are plug-and-play compatible with Windows, MAC OS9 / OSX operating systems and do not require special drivers.
  • Designs that exceed the requirements for ISO certification to ensure quality control among production standards
  • Reliable waterproof and corrosion-resistant structures that last up to 8 years in difficult conditions.
  • All language layouts are available to international clients
  • Configurable function keys that provide flexibility for specialized applications
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures that allow you to work in freezers, areas sensitive to heat and other difficult conditions
  • Low-profile keys that enable efficient cleaning, reduced disinfection time and protection against cross contamination
  • Illuminated keys that allow employees to optimize performance while working in low light.
  • Polycarbonate and stainless steel housings are available to meet your preferences.
  • Small projects that increase mobility
  • Standard mounting patterns that match most keypads for easy integration into existing systems
  • More specialized functions that meet the needs of our clients in the area of ​​kiosk / ATM, medicine, army, emergency response, industrial users and materials.
  • For wide applications in various industries, kiosk, bank, CNC, Aerospace, Chemia / Petro, Food and beverages, healthcare, telecommunications / media, high technology, transport, automotive, production, tools and resources, pulp and paper - Government / Obronnych Universities and Academy, Museums / Public Exhibitions and Miscellaneous industries.